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Fast Facts

The United Way of Mon Valley was organized by citizens in our communities in 1961 to help meet the human care needs of the people of the Mid-Mon Valley.

The United Way campaign provides leadership and financial support to local Mon Valley programs and agencies through the Impact fund

The United Way of Mon Valley is governed by a local Board of Directors with a strong diverse background and is regularly monitored by volunteers.

The United Way of Mon Valley is in the business of creating meaningful and tangible impact in each and every community.


83 victims of disaster received aid

49 seniors received adult day care

45 children with disabilities attended summer camp

600 children received mentoring

75 handicapped individuals were assisted with transitional employment

17 children attended alternative education

50 families received individual and family counseling

300 families were provided services to help them become healthy and self sufficient

170 children received quality daycare

822 children attended youth and teen activities